As a beginning, it should be noted that a food, economic and energetic crisis are striking Africa in general and Cameroon and its sub-region in particular: Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, Central African Republic, Chad, Niger & Nigeria. It is only the consequence of soaring prices on the poorest populations. 

One should read: "Memo on reducing poverty and food crisis in the underdeveloped world: a track, the Fair Development" document issued by the sponsor of the fair, the honorable member of Cameroonian Parliament Jean-Jacques Ekindi 

The DIDF event objectives are: 

* Fight against poverty and extreme poverty. 
* Fight against the food crisis.
* Provide the relevant technologies to the smallest peasant, craftmen and companies.
* Ensure food security for vulnerable populations
* Initiate the development of sustainable populations.
* Prepare the economy to resist the opening of the internal market through the EPA