The whole thing is about creating an economic space dedicated to small operators.

  1. Exhibiting and selling tools, equipment and low-tech machines for artisan production units in rural and urban places 

  2. Exhibiting and selling of inputs, semi-products, raw materials, seeds for agriculture, products for packaging, storage, preservation, transportation of harvested products;

  3. Exhibiting and selling equipment for food processing micro-industry. - Canning, smoking, producing fruit and vegetables juice, etc. brewing.

  4. Exhibiting and selling equipment for forest and woods processing micro-industry - regeneration, transport, coal, small wood industry, small industry of medicinal plants, conservation of forest ecosystems. 

  5. Exhibiting and selling equipment for farming and fishing micro industries - fishing equipment, conservation, canning, fattening, transport 

  6. Exhibiting and selling equipment for local energy production - generators, solar, wind, biomass, water turbines etc. .. 

  7. The companies will exhibit their products, systems and also their organizations for technical assistance, maintenance and guarantee of the sold machines.

  8. Companies specialized in microfinance and SME financing will push their products and ease transactions.

  9. Funding and insurance institutions will present their products dedicated to development. 

  10. Structures, national and international institutions that support development will present their programs. 

  11. NGOs devoted to development will present their activities. 

  12. The small rural and urban areas productions will be set to be promoted and sold. 

  13. As usual in Africa, the event will be festive with many artists, contests and food tastings.